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Hi, My name is Ryoichi Hiraoka. I live in Hiroshima, Japan. This time, I visited Yamaguchi prefecture, which is the prefecture next to Hiroshima.

This article shows Kintaikyo Bridge.


As you can see, you can walk along the river.

Birds were swimming in the river. There were swans.

Around Kintaikyo Bridge

As you can see, there is a parking lot on the riverside. Obviously, you cannot park when the river is flooded.

Kintaikyo Bridge

The Brief Explanation

This is Kintaikyo Bridge. This bridge was built in 1673. But this bridge seems to have been washed away soon. The bridge was rebuilt in 1674, but it was washed away again in 1950. The bridge seems to have been rebuilt in 1953.

The river

It was a comfortable place with the river water flowing.

The Characteristic of Kintaikyo Bridge

The characteristic of Kintaikyo Bridge seems to be the structure on the back side. It seems to be a rare structure in the world.

Iwakuni Castle

The building on the upper left is the ropeway platform. The upper building in the middle is Iwakuni Castle.

I wrote an article of Iwakuni Castle. Please read it.

Souvenir Shops

There were souvenir shops.

Walk on Kintaikyo Bridge

You can walk on Kintaikyo Bridge if you pay the entrance fee. It was 310 yen for a round trip.

I visited here in autumn. If you visit in other seasons, you will see a different view.

A cat

The end

This is the end of the article. If you come to Yamaguchi someday, why not stop by Kintaikyo Bridge?

Thank you for reading it!