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Hi, My name is Ryoichi Hiraoka. I live in Hiroshima, Japan. This time, I visited Yamaguchi Prefecture, which is the prefecture next to Hiroshima.

This article shows Iwakuni Castle.


The building you can see on the mountain is Iwakuni Castle.

First of all, I will show you the way to Iwakuni Castle.

There are historic buildings and parks at the foot of the mountain where Iwakuni Castle is located.


As you can see, you can reach Iwakuni Castle by ropeway. But this time I walked up.

The Mountain Trail to Iwakuni Castle

This is the entrance to the mountain trail to Iwakuni Castle. Cars are not allowed.

There was a sign saying 30 minutes on foot. As the sign says, I walked in 30 minutes while stopping for shooting.

A Slightly Dark Road

As you can see, you will be walking on a slightly dark road.

Pit Vipers

There may be pit vipers in the summer.

At the Remaining 500m Point

I arrived at the remaining 500m point. I feel that the road is getting brighter little by little.

Near The Ropeway Platform

I finally arrived near the ropeway platform.

The Branch

Iwakuni Castle is on the right.

I also went the road on the left, but there were no people. The road on the left is included as a bonus at the end of this article.

The Ropeway Platform

This is the ropeway platform.

The Branch

The road on the left is a flat road. The road on the right has stairs. I chose the way on the left.

A Big Well

This is a big well.

A Stone Wall

The characteristic of Japanese castles is this stone wall.

Iwakuni Castle

I finally arrived at Iwakuni Castle. As a first impression, I thought it was a beautiful castle.

Inside Iwakuni Castle

Iwakuni Castle can be entered for a fee. I paid 270 yen.

Swords and armor were on display and photography was permitted.

This is a model of Kintaikyo Bridge. There is also an article of Kintaikyo Bridge on my Blog, so please check it out.

The View from The Observatory on The Top of Floor of Iwakuni Castle

This is the view from the observatory on the top floor of Iwakuni Castle. The view from a high place is the best. I want you to experience it.

The bridge you can see in the middle is Kintaikyo Bridge. I walked from there and came here.

The observatory is as you can see.

The Surroundings of Iwakuni Castle

A Square

There was a square.

The ropeway

This is the ropeway.


In the middle of this artile, I went to the right at this fork. I will show you what happened when you follow the road on the left.

I kept walking on the dark road.

“Gokanjin” was enshrined. It was quiet because there were no people. If you want to come here, I recommend you to go while it is bright.

The end

This is the end of the article.

Thank you for reading it!